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A trellis is a scaffolding that enables a plant to grow upward and reach toward the sun. When the plant can’t support itself, the trellis enables it to continue climbing upward.

This is our heart for everyone taking any of the classes Vineyard Boise offers each year during the Fall, Winter, and Spring seasons: that through them you will be empowered to keep growing upward in your walk with Christ.

Why classes? Because the soul that stops learning stops growing, and when we stop growing we cease being salt and light in this world communicating the presence of God in a world so desperately needing a fresh glimpse of God.

Because this community of faith is all about discipleship and a “disciple” is at heart always a learner.

Classes: When & Where

Vineyard Boise offers classes throughout the year, generally in the Fall (September), Winter (January), and Spring (April) season as presented in The Trellis (our published list of classes).

View The Trellis Class List

Classes can potentially be scheduled on any day of the week and can meet both on campus and off.

How You Can Get Involved

Our class list, The Trellis, includes a detachable class sign-up sheet that can be filled out and turned in at the front office desk or in the bookstore. You can also register for a class online:

Register for a Class Online

Sign-ups can also take place online or directly with the teacher. For more information you can contact Pastor Mike Freeman at


Pastor Mike Freeman
(208) 377-1477 ext. 129


What kind of classes are offered at Vineyard Boise?

We offer a wide range of classes from marriage and parenting classes, to theology and church history, to recovery classes, to women’s classes, to classes on biblical languages (Hebrew and Greek) – and so much more.

Who can teach a class at Vineyard Boise?

“My brothers, don’t many of you become teachers!” says James. Teaching is a huge responsibility, so we like to “vet” our teachers by making sure they have gone through our 101 class and have been endorsed by the pastor overseeing Vineyard Boise’s classes.

How can I request a class on a specific topic?

Contact Pastor Mike. Every class request will be duly considered and prayed over.