Counseling Ministry

Vineyard-Boise-Counseling-MinistryWe are a bible-based ministry, where the inerrant Word, the Holy Scripture, and the facilitation of the pastoral staff are used to restore spiritual, emotional and relational health.

A pastoral counselor facilitates an individual in their own healing and restoration through the insight of the scriptures and the counsel of the Holy Spirit. Vineyard Boise Pastoral Counseling is not staffed by licensed counselors, therapists, medical or psychological practitioners.

We listen, guide, encourage, and pray with people to support them through difficult times. We strive to do this by radiating Christ to the broken, directing the lost to the source of true counsel: the scriptures and the Spirit, restoring hope to the hopeless, and engaging hurting people to prayer. We aim to be the manifestation of Christ’s concern, care and compassion to make the invisible God visible.

Where & When

Our pastors receive individuals and/or couples for counseling via phone, walk-in, appointment or referral.

At any point in time, the pastor may choose to refer the individual to a licensed, professional, Christian counselor or an in-house, non-licensed Christian counselor and/or support group. A list of such support will be given to the individual for them to ultimately be in control of their next step.

Contact & More Information

You can reach a Pastor on Call by calling (208) 869-7021. You may also call the church directly at (208) 377-1477.