Media Production

We handle media projection for Sunday services and midweek events, live streaming and online/DVD publishing of services, graphic design and print materials for in-house ministries, and content for Vineyard Boise’s social media channels and website.

We want to help make the invisible God visible for those that might not otherwise experience the moments that He shows up in the midst of our congregation, either corporately or individually.

Our hope is that as we share what God’s doing herewith you, you will be inspired to look for what God is doing in your life, how He is making Himself visible to you and through you to others.

Media Production: When & Where

Sunday service media projection: Sundays, 8:00am – 12:30pm

Sunday live stream moderation: Sundays, 9:00am and 11:00am

Testimony video production: Saturdays, once a quarter

Mid-week event media projection: varies

Mid-week video production/editing: varies

How You Can Get Involved

If you have an interest in joining our Sunday service and midweek event media projection teams, our Sunday live stream moderation team, or a database of volunteers available for midweek video production/editing and web/graphic design, contact Brandon Freeman.


Brandon Freeman
(208) 377-1477


Will you produce a video promoting an event or ministry and show it during service on Sunday?

We appreciate the value of video in communicating the purpose and vision of a class, ministry, or event within Vineyard Boise, and will, as schedule permits, produce promotional content for use by approved Vineyard Boise ministries on our website and social media channels. However, we have found that showing too many promotional videos during service creates a commercial atmosphere focused on agenda instead of an organic atmosphere focused on discipleship. As such, we do not play promotional videos of any kind on Sunday mornings, unless expressly approved by the senior staff, and those occasions are quite rare.

Sometimes the online service stream has trouble keeping up and freezes – what’s going on?

While we can’t troubleshoot every connection and situation, oftentimes when the stream breaks up it is due to the quality of the video being higher than your internet connection can handle. In those instances we encourage you to utilize the player settings to lower the quality and see if that helps. You can also try refreshing the browser, or opening the stream up in a different browser if you have multiple installed. If all else fails, we aim to publish the sermon online later Sunday afternoon in a non-streaming (non-live) fashion – check back then to watch the message.

How often do you show testimony videos?

The frequency of the testimony videos’ release depends upon the production team’s overall schedule. Often we’ll have a number of testimonies that are in the cue but have not yet been edited. We don’t schedule the videos in any specific order, but prayerfully consider and decide which story should be worked on and presented next. Not all testimonies do end up reaching the “big screen”, but it’s our aim that the “Prayer and Testimony Event” in which these stories are captured provide a ministry in and of themselves, helping those sharing see how God has been made visible in their own lives.