Trevor Estes – Lead Pastor

Pastor. Former YWAMer. Husband. Father. Jesus lover. And lover of all things Starbucks (especially when the holiday cups come out). Born and raised in Boise, Trevor joined the Vineyard shortly after it was planted in 1989. After spending several years back and forth in missions – attending as well as teaching Biblical Studies in YWAM schools in SE Asia – Trevor and his wife Andrea returned to Boise, and joined Vineyard Boise’s staff in 1999 serving as youth pastors for several years. In 2012, Pastor Trevor completed a seven year transition with Pastor Tri to become the Lead Pastor of Vineyard Boise.

Michael Montford – Executive Pastor

Focused. Dedicated. Persevering man of vision and faith, of Word and ministry. Michael set his heart on bringing solid, biblical higher education into a dynamic     local church setting when he first came on staff as the Director of VCOM – Vineyard College of Mission in 2006. Since then Michael’s passions, education, and gifts have converged as he now serves the Church as the Executive Pastor.”

Jesse Meyer – Staff Pastor (Worship)

Hungry for God. Thirsty for Stumptown coffee. Lover of all things Tolkien, C.S. Lewis. N.T. Wright, Tozer, ambient guitar tones, songwriting, and Sasquach (not Bigfoot, thank you very much). Husband and father of three. Possessor of a Master’s degree in Psychology. Unabashed shedder of tears. Jesse and his wife Larissa are the newest additions to the Vineyard Boise leadership team. They started attending the Vineyard in 2003, he was the youth worship leader 2007-2010, was led to the Portland area in 2010 to serve in worship ministry in several different places, but simply loves this church too much to stay away. It’s mutual. Now bring on that next move of God in our midst…

Mike Freeman – Staff Pastor (Small Groups, Education, Bookstore)

Wordsmith. Lover of Jesus and books and Word. Journey through religion and legalism to life-giving grace and freedom in Christ. Wearer of Tigger shoes. Mike and his wife LaWayne have found home within the Vineyard Boise community for over a decade. From the vantage point of the campus bookstore that he oversees, Mike pours out his heart to empower the church to experience the life-changing dynamics of face-to-face small group life, writes the weekly materials for individual and group devotions, as well as helping to provide a platform of classes for ongoing education within Vineyard Boise.

Joel Sikha – Staff Pastor (Youth)

Passionate in worship and in Word. Passionate for Christ. Dedicated to bringing that passion to the youth and seeing it unleashed within them. Joel and his wife Megan have dedicated their lives to pastoring the youth of Vineyard Boise, leading them into deepening rhythms of Spirit and Truth. And having plenty of fun, too, in a mid-week youth gathering, a Sunday youth service during second service on most Sundays, retreats, overnighters, and whatever other opportunities God opens for our youth to be engaged in a passionate pursuit of God’s heart.

Ranger Bud – Staff Pastor (Children)

Ranger Bud is a Vineyard Boise vintage tradition, our hometown hero. For years Ranger Bud led our children in the Rockin’ V Ranch children’s ministry with his Wild West Show. Children who once sat at his feet – now grown and with their own children – still sing his songs and remember his lessons. Bud Reberry was away for a spell serving God in other pastures and planting a church, but now he has returned to his true life calling: to be a pastor of the children of the Vineyard Boise community as Ranger Bud with his Rescue Rangers on Mount Adventure. Ranger Bud is singing new songs, and sharing God’s heart with a whole new generation – leading our entire community to say one thing: “Yee-haw!”

Terra Montford – Staff Pastor (i-61 Ministies & Missions)

World Traveler. Dancer. Woman of Truth. Wife & Mother of two. Even though Terra has traveled to many cultures, she found her tribe when she found the Vineyard. Terra recently took the helm of i-61 Ministries, a local and international ministry that serves the larger Vineyard Movement in areas of Justice and Compassion. i-61 shows the love of Christ to the broken, desolate and downtrodden in real, practical ways (Isaiah 61:1- 4).

 Jeremiah Carlson – Staff Pastor (Young Adult)

A Husband to Kara, a Father to Emberlin, Lovelin and Valor. A friend to many,  a writer of music and a lover of people. But above all, a fearfully, wonderfully,  beautifully created child of God.


Amber Gunstream – Staff Pastor (Women)

A deepening well of wisdom and strength. She’s always willing and always pursuing, God’s Kingdom for His Church.



Kevin Thienes – Lay Pastor (Prayer)

Kingdom. Authentic. Man of prayer. Humble seeker of God’s will. Born of the Spirit. And in his spare time, he coaches football. Kevin and his wife Ginny, previously senior pastors within the Vineyard movement, have become vital, longstanding members of the Vineyard Boise fellowship. They have quietly and passionately given themselves to the word of God and prayer, empowering ordinary people to “do the stuff”: to be practitioners of the words and works of Jesus as they embrace a lifestyle of “walkin’ in the kingdom.”