May 5, 2013

Practicing Generosity

Practicing Generosity

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    May 10, 2013

    I loved this sermon. one of the reasons is because it’s one of the few times when the church is actually getting people basic instruction on something very applicable in their daily lives. I feel too often that the church speaks so vaguely as to not come across as a church that tells it’s members what to do, but this leads to a problem that is inherently a contradiction to why I believe a church and preacher exist… help the congregation understand the teachings of our Lord.
    so I guess this particular sermon spoke to me because it’s something that each of us deals with daily. the fight between being selfish and self centered, and being biblically generous. too many people, good and bad, run around with a close fisted mentality as if everything they have is not as a result of the blessings the Lord has chosen to bestow upon them. I do grant however that the Lord gave us free will, and thus those who succeed often have to make continuous choices to choose to act and be disciplined.

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