As a worship community, we incorporate fresh new songs that are being written across the world and across different denominations and movements. However, we also benefit from staying rooted in the history of the greater church and in the history of the Vineyard Movement specifically.


This means we will continue to incorporate both hymns and Vineyard songs from the past that have stood the test of time as a way to honor our church and those who came before us. As a worship community, we aim to be structured and spontaneous. Spirit-led worship simply means that we leave room for the Holy Spirit to have His way even if He wants to do something different than we had planned.

In much of church history, congregations sang songs primarily about God. However, one of the things that marked the Vineyard Movement from the beginning is that instead of just singing about God, we sing to God. Singing to God, rather than just about Him, acknowledges the relational nature of God and the fact that we don’t worship a distant deity….we worship a God who is present and all around us and active in our lives in a very relational way.

This means our worship is vertical (directed towards God) and responsive (responding to his movements among us). We come together and worship because there is power in gathering with fellow believers and worshipping all together as one voice lifting up massive anthems of praise. Additionally, there is something equally powerful about realizing that even in a sea of singing people, God hears every person uniquely and desires to be personal and present with each one in a very intimate way.

We create opportunities for both corporate and intimate moments in our worship times. In this way, our worship is both corporate and personal.