March 16, 2012

Awana Grand Prix

Awana Grand Prix ExcitementThe race has come and gone. Some left with their heads held high, a gold medal around their neck. Others left being comforted by enthusiastic parents and with a resolve to go faster and win next year. Whether having won or lost, everyone who was involved had a blast.

For those who don’t know what the Grand Prix is, it’s very similar to the Boyscout’s Pinewood Derby. The kids are given a plain block of wood and set free to build a racing machine, or creative car. Then they come together to see who came up with great creative works and set them loose on the track and see which is the fastest. These kind of races have been done for ages and are an incredible way to lure the dads into getting involved and give the kids some fun and long lasting memories. For those moms of dads that want to relive those races of their youth, there’s even some adult racing and building awards.

Awana Grand Prix Race Track

Awana Grand Prix Lunch

This years race was a ton of fun. The kids checked in, weighed their cars, tuned them up, and got ready to race. Shawn Starratt worked the room as the MC and race announcer and did a great job grabbing attention and keeping things rolling. Lisa Ann Hendley met each racer as they came in and made sure they were ready to race. April Starratt coordinated the whole event and made sure the kids were taken care of and fed, providing a great lunch among all of the activities.

The Awana program continues to keep the kids engaged with the Bible and learning how to live exciting God centered lives. This race was a great opportunity to teach creativity, sportsmanship, and love for each other in the midst of competition. The next event for the Awana kids is the Awana Games. If you have kids in Awana, make sure to get your kids signed up. The Awana events never fail to create lasting memories for your kids and show them how much fun God’s family can be.

Awana Grand Prix Big WinnerAwana Grand Prix Track


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