Children's Ministry

Or, as we call it, The Rockin' V Ranger Station on Mount Adventure!

The Rockin’ V Ranger Station is a children’s church within a church. We teach the truth of God’s Word and worship through fun and engaging activities.

We are split into two subgroups: Lil’ Rangers are our infants through Pre-Ks, and our Junior Rangers are our kindergarteners through 6th graders.

Why we do it: to make the Invisible God visible to the kids God brings to us… to plant a church within a church, a fellowship of younger, shorter believers, that is custom-made just for kids.

The Rockin' V Ranger Station is not a Sunday school program, but rather a creative place built to be the very best childrenʼs ministry humanly possible. We envision a place for kids that is so fun, so engaging, so full of truth, and so educational that kids canʼt wait to come back next time and canʼt help but tell their friends! A place that doesn't resemble school, but is transformed into a summer camp experience every Sunday…and that literally gives kids the experience of being in God’s Creation while indoors.