September 8, 2013

DSG | John 1.19-34

DSG | Gospel of John | Week 2

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    September 14, 2013

    I have gone to the vineyard for 3yrs now & still no one has reached out to me to bring me in as a family member of the church,I dont know why people are like that but thats the way they are & thats different to me because the church I was raised up in taught me different & I dont see that at the vineyard. Many other people have told me the same thing im telling you, and personally I think thats really,really,really,really,sad dont you??? This has started to hurt my fellings and make me fell like any of you dont care, I go to church sit, worship, listen to a message then its over and nobody comes up to me or says anthing to me for 3yrs thats pretty weak,I started to think I did something but its not me its the people in the church so now I want to go to another church with hurt fellings. And I think after reading this, If your heart is right with God you will try to really help me, and if not thats ok to ill forgive you, but I will move on. God bless

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