What is Celebrate Recovery? What is it NOT?

We are:

a safe place to share • a refuge • a place of belonging • a place to care for others and be cared for • where respect is given to each member • where confidentiality is nonnegotiable • a place to learn • a place to grow and become strong again • where you can take off your mask • a place for healthy challenges and healthy risks • a possible turning point in your life

We are not:

a place for selfish control • therapy • a place for secrets • a place to look for dates • a place to rescue or be rescued • a place for perfection • a long-term commitment • a place to judge others • a quick fix

Do you have groups for my teenagers and grade school children?

Yes, we have “The Landing” for the teens and “Celebration Place” for the grade schoolers. These are “precovery” programs based on the same principles as the adults, presented in an age appropriate way.

I am not an addict. Why should I attend Celebrate Recovery?

Celebrate Recovery is for any kind of struggle in our lives. Less than one third of the people who attend Celebrate Recovery struggle with substance abuse — the rest come for anger, marriage struggles, overeating, pornography, you name it! Many come because their family is struggling. If a family member is struggling, it affects everyone — and all of us need support. Everyone needs recovery.




Janet Ingrao

Director of Celebrate Recovery



Marita Mason


Lee Bloom

Ministry Leader