We are teams of people who use Sunday afternoons to feed those who are in need of a meal in Julia Davis Park.

We serve hot meals all year long, and in all types of weather. Along with serving a hot meal, we minister to those we serve and our brothers and sisters serving along side us.

This ministry provides people the opportunity to be the literal Hands and Feet of Jesus. By loving on people without judgement, we show that Jesus is available to everybody no matter what their situation.

Providing a free meal outside the walls of a church allows God to reach people that would otherwise never hear or see the message of Jesus.

Hours & Location

Every Sunday @ 12:45 PM

We meet in the Barnabas Center after Second Service at 12:45 PM.

We typically leave for Julia Davis Park around 1:30 PM and return to clean up. We are usually all done by around 4:00 PM.


How You Can Get Involved

Interested in making the Invisible God visible by volunteering with Feeding God’s Children?

Contact Chad & Angella Tiffany for information about how and when to get started.


Can families be part of this ministry?

Yes! We love families to make serving a part of their weekend. Children are always welcome; there is a job for everyone!

Can I serve multiple times a month?

Yes; however, we like to see team members really commit to just one Sunday a month. By choosing one Sunday, team members can create relationships with one another as well as build a committed team. Serving once a month also helps prevent burnout and allows time to serve in other ministries.