Holy Grounds

At Holy Grounds it is our heart to embrace the values of Vineyard Boise as we serve the church through the Coffee Bar. We are often the first place visitors stop – and we want to make them feel at home while serving them the best cup of coffee pos-sible. We realize coffee is an important part of church culture at Vineyard Boise – and we not only know the names of our ‘regulars’ but also their favorite drinks. We are a family and we love being part of the family life that happens in Heritage Hall each Sunday.

Holy Grounds is made up of a team of volunteers who faithfully serve each week providing coffee and espresso drinks to those who attend church on Sundays. All funds generated go right back into the coffee bar ministry, which allows us to offer complimentary coffee for events and ministry throughout the week.

Holy Grounds also seeks to make a difference in many other ways as well. We ma-trix with church ministries to resource them with coffee; we recycle everything we can – including giving our coffee grounds to the Garden O’Feedin’ and other gar-deners in our church. We also consider the money spent on coffee and the impact it will have on those who grow the coffee beans, work on the farms, and utilize the land. With this in mind, we have partnered with Dawson Taylor Coffee to create our own Vineyard Blend sustainable coffee, thus helping to make a difference with every cup.

For more information and to see how you can participate in this ministry, contact Lori Thompson.