February 26, 2012

Joshua 5.1-12, “New Seasons”

Joshua 5.1-12, “New Seasons”

New Seasons Joshua 5.1-12 from Vineyard Boise on Vimeo.

Pastor Trevor teaches about the trust the second generation of Israelites exhibit when God puts them in a vulnerable spot before taking the land. Click here for the PowerPoint. Click here for the special vBlast about fasting.


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    Karen Benton, ND
    February 26, 2012

    Hi Pastor Trevor,
    ‘Sorry I missed this morning’s service. I have faith that only those who will benefit from fasting will be drawn to doing this.

    As a health care practitioner, I have had experience with those people who have blood sugar imbalances (dysglycemia, diabetes, hypoglycemia, etc.) who have experienced some difficulties in fasting.

    Typically, one day isn’t enough to cause a real problem, but folks who are taking insulin will have changes. You may have covered this in the video but since it isn’t available yet on the website, I don’t know exactly what you said about any fasting precautions.

    Also, the resources look like some good books, but I don’t know what the authors say about fasting and any chronic health care conditions.

    Again, I have faith God will work to enhance each person’s fasting experience but thought I’d at least mention some possible health implications–particularly for folks who haven’t done it before. Thanks! Karen

    Karen Benton, Naturopathic Doctor

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