March 11, 2012

Joshua 7, “Sin in the Camp”

Joshua 7, “Sin in the Camp”

Sin in the Camp from Vineyard Boise on Vimeo.

Due to the nature of the morning, Pastor Tri asked us to film an addendum to the message to clarify the application point.

Joshua 7: “Sin in the Camp” – Addendum from Vineyard Boise on Vimeo.


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    mike jackson
    March 14, 2012

    Tractors broke down in Cleveland, Ohio.I took the opportunity to listen to last Sundays message. Fantastic job Tri and Michael. It was good for me to listen. My hearts at something of an all time hardened alert status. Used to be I’d thrive off of the goosebumps from our devotionals the Vineyard provides, or a Sunday message almost indefinitely.It’s sure difficult now when the message will burn out inside the 24 hour window frame. Just a real good sign the good production of fruit isn’t obvious in my life. Jesus spoke about that, the message falling on hardened places.Again it’s a change I probably should embrace.Real repentance.genuine and hard fought. So thanks again. I appreciate those great stories of faith and seeing a new man or woman kindled to new life from the inside. A result from encountering Jesus. Just enough to allow his love in and to change us. It’s fun to have people get up and tell the story.It reminds me of the play Dennis M., John R.. and another guy (sorry) depicting a dialogue between C.S. Lewis, J.F.K. and W. Churchill. Love the stories.I have just always found those stories,(live) impress, and instill something primal. That’s why our small groups are so vital.

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