Journey of the Cross 2015


A Contemplative Easter Experience

March 29 – April 5

Journey of the Cross is Vineyard Boise’s week long contemplative Easter experience as we reflect on Jesus’ death and resurrection, and how our faith in Him is as relevant to us today as it was thousands of years ago.

Palm Sunday – March 29

Worship, an opening message by Pastor Trevor Estes, and the start of a dramatic voicing of the Four Gospel Accounts of Jesus. This presentation draws straight from Scripture, focusing not on dramatic interpretation but on the power of the Testimony of those who were with Him.

Maundy Thursday (The Last Supper) – April 2

Acoustic worship, and our creative exposure to the Testimony of the Gospels continues as we contemplate Jesus’ final night and betrayal. We then journey to the Garden, taking the communion together.

Good Friday – April 3

In the chilling space of the Old Idaho Penitentiary, we hear the story of Jesus’ last moments and His crucifixion. Afterwards, we prayerfully ascend Table Rock, where worship and corporate prayer close the evening. (Please note that this will be at times a steep climb.)

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Children’s Saturday Easter Celebration – April 4

A celebration for kids 12 and under: crafts, games, and an egg hunt, with an interactive “Journey of the Cross” geared specifically for the younger ones.

Easter Sunday – April 5

Worship, a video recap of the week’s events, a final creative voicing of the Gospel Accounts of Jesus’ resurrection, and a closing message by Pastor Trevor Estes.

Experience the power of the “Eternal Now Moment” that saves and transforms lives!

Journey of the Cross, March 29, April 2, 3, 4, and 5. 208.377.1477
4950 N. Bradley St., Garden City, ID 83714