April 29, 2012

Men’s Retreat 2012

Men's Retreat CampI had an opportunity to go up to Challis this weekend to scout out the camp that we’ll be using for the men’s retreat this summer. My role was to see how much audio gear we will have to take with us and what we will have to plan so we can worship our hearts out while we’re there. Our little team included David Whittaker, Andy Hendley, Brandon Freeman, Kyle Seick, and myself. Before I even address how very awesome the retreat is going to be, I must tell you, these four men are amazing and incredibly fun to spend time with. God shines through their willing hearts in everything they say and do. These men are transparently and passionately seeking God and what He would want from our community of believers. I think their vision as a group is that the men in our community would grasp the goodness that God wants for them and lead their families and circles of influence into that. I was truly blessed to spend some time with them, and if this scouting trip is a taste of what the retreat will be like, you’re going to want to be there.

Men's Retreat Shilo Cabin

The location is about 5 miles west of Challis, nestled into the mountain with a large creek running through the camp. The grounds themselves are beautiful and every building and tree seems to be immaculately maintained and taken care of. We took a tour and every room is warm, clean, and comfortable. Just stepping into the bunk houses makes me excited for the nights of fellowship and laughter that are coming this summer.

Retreat Campfire

The best part for me personally is the sanctuary. Most camps are sorely inadequate for a band that really rocks worship. This place is setup wonderfully. They have a full system that can actually sound good, meaning we won’t have to pack nearly as much equipment as usual. I can’t wait to join in with a giant crowd of men shouting thanks to God for his goodness and mercy at the top of our lungs.


Building relationships with other men that can help us when we’re struggling and celebrate with us in our victories is a huge reason for these events. How should we build these relationships? By doing things together. We’ll be hiking, playing basketball, volleyball, horseshoes. There’s a great frisbee golf course, ping pong, pool table, foosball, and air hockey. There’s even a regular golf course and some hot-springs within a few minutes of the camp. There’ll be no shortage of fun activities.

Any man is welcome to join us. The retreat will be Friday June 22nd to Sunday June 24th. Sign up now (visit our office this week to fill out a brochure) so we can ensure you get a bed. There’s plenty of room but the best beds are going to fill up fast. Come and see how others are living out their faith and get inspired and encouraged. Pull back from the daily battle and regroup with some awesome warriors. Be prepared, armed, and strengthened to rescue our families and communities from the enemy. Just as importantly, come and have the best time you’ve had in a long time.

Andy and Kyle
Recreation Room
Kyle and Andy

If you’re interested in some more information about the camp facilities, we’ll be staying at Living Waters Ranch.


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