Small Groups

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“Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” This is what Jesus promised and this is why we invest so much in our small group ministry.

There are two key arenas in which personal growth and discipleship take place: in the “rows” of Sunday services and in the “circles” of face-to-face community that happens in small group life.

This is one of the key reasons Vineyard Boise pursues dynamic small group ministry for each and every disciple as we seek to move people from rows to circles.

Both areas are critical; both are unique in what they accomplish in and through growing disciples of Jesus. The small group is the realm of face-to-face, of “one-another” in which we experience the presence of a Triune God who himself exists in the eternal face-to-face community of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We can, and do experience the presence of God through a dynamic worship service — but there is a unique way in which God is seen in a circle of disciples committed to loving God and loving people. Such a dynamic circle is also the primary context in which salvation and inner healing is experienced in deepening measure.

Small Groups: When & Where

Small groups (we usually call them “discipleship groups” in the Vineyard Boise community) meet on most nights of the week (and a few meet during the day), though they tend to cluster around Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Most groups meet in homes in and around the Treasure Valley.

Ephesians Study: A Great Opportunity To Go From Rows to Circles

In January 2016, we begin a 12-week series in the book of Ephesians which we are entitling “Re-Membered by God.” It’s an EXCELLENT time to begin a journey with a small group – in your home, in someone else’s home, around a table in Heritage Hall, in a coffee shop, or a work break room. One letter, three months. You get on, you get off.

Click Here to Find A Small Group

How You Can Get Involved

The Connection Board in Heritage Hall by the bookstore contains a flier for each currently open small group that you are invited to explore when you are on the campus. Otherwise, contact Pastor Mike for assistance.


Pastor Mike Freeman
(208) 377-1477 ext. 129


Why do you call your groups “Discipleship Groups”?

For the simple reason that disciples are learners, and each small group in the Vineyard Boise community is a circle of learning in which disciples of Christ continue to “add to their faith, virtue, and to virtue, knowledge.” Our small groups aren’t just places of food and refreshment, they are places where we each share our own journey of “leaving our nets” and following Him.

How can I start a group within the Vineyard Boise community?

We encourage this! We want this to happen. Much. We ask new small group leaders to attend our Vineyard 101 class and to connect with our small group pastor. We don’t want anyone to have to do this alone! We also have a monthly gathering of small group leaders that we call ReGroup where we would very much like to see all new small group leaders connecting with other small group leaders (usually on the first Sunday, during first service). We aren’t meant to do this alone!

How can I find a group?

The Connections Board in Heritage Hall has a flier for every discipleship group in the Vineyard Boise community that we invite you to peruse whenever you are on campus, or Pastor Mike can help you find one. You can reach him at or by calling the church office at 208-377-1477.