Holy Grounds Coffee Bar

holy-grounds-400x250Holy Grounds is Vineyard Boise’s Sunday coffee bar located in Heritage Hall. Holy Grounds is made up of a team of volunteers who faithfully serve each week providing coffee and espresso drinks to those who attend church.

We are often the first place visitors stop, and we want to make them feel at home while serving them the best cup of coffee possible. All funds generated go right back into the coffee bar ministry, which allows us to offer complimentary coffee for events and ministry throughout the week.

We love God. We love serving people. And, we love coffee. All that adds up to a great team of volunteers who get to “do ministry” by making great coffee, and serving with other like-minded fun and crazy caffeine-driven servants.

Where & When

Every Sunday before & during Sunday Services at 9 AM & 11 AM at Holy Grounds in Heritage Hall

We serve the entire church every Sunday, from the early morning set up through the beginning of 2nd Service. We are there; you can count on us to serve you up your favorite espresso drink, cup of fresh drip coffee, or bottled water.

We also serve at some of the larger church events throughout the year and are the team responsible for resourcing coffee supplies to the church ministries throughout the week.

How You Can Get Involved

Interested in making the Invisible God visible by volunteering as an usher or greeter?

If you love coffee, and love people, you might just love working on this fun team of volunteers! And, each Sunday you serve, you will be given the espresso drink of your choice.

To learn more about the ministry opportunities, contact Holy Grounds Team leader, Lori Thompson.


Lori Thompson

(208) 377-1477


How often would I have to serve on the Holy Grounds Coffee Bar team?

We have an every other week, rotating schedule for Sundays. There are many times/shifts available, and the training begins with just serving coffee to the caffeine-starved church goers. Honestly, you will love working with this team because the people love you, the coffee is good, it is inexpensive, and they get to drink it during church! What is not to love about that? If you’re interested, just contact Lori Thompson about the ministries opportunities available..

Can I train to be a barista? It is my passion to go work in a coffee house!

Every team member begins with the basics: serving drip coffee, learning to make the coffee, and the ins and outs of the coffee bar and faithfully being a part of the team. If you end up liking it, and want to learn more, there is training available to learn all the little steps to crafting a great espresso drink. But, we all begin by simply serving coffee. Again, if you’re interested, contact Lori Thompson about the ministry opportunities available.