Welcome Center

welcomecenter-400x250Located under the beautiful stained glass window in Heritage Hall, the Welcome Center is staffed by friendly volunteers who greet and assist visitors to Vineyard Boise.

They love to meet new people and answer questions about the church, while sharing how newcomers can get connected and feel more at home.

Attending a large church for the first time can be a bit overwhelming. The Welcome Center team knows this, and serving newcomers in the Welcome Center is one very practical way of making their first visit a pleasant one while passing on the simple kindness and hospitality of Jesus.

Hours & Location

Sundays @ The Welcome Center in Heritage Hall

Every Sunday you will see the Welcome Center staffed by a team of dedicated volunteers ready to greet new people and answer any questions they might have about Vineyard Boise and their current needs as a visitor.

How You Can Get Involved

Interested in making the Invisible God visible by volunteering at the Welcome Center?

If you have a heart for those that are new to the church, we would love to talk with you about the possibility of serving on this incredible team!

For more details about the ministry opportunities at the Welcome Center, you can contact Elliott Sheffield, our Welcome Center Coordinator.


Elliott Sheffield



How often would I have to serve in the Welcome Center if I’d like to join the team?

If you can spare a segment of time before, after or during a service on one Sunday month, there are many different shifts available at the Welcome Center.

I don’t know everything about Vineyard Boise so I might not be qualified. What kind of training would I need to join the team?

First and foremost, we want the Welcome Center staffed with volunteers who love to meet new people, and have a friendly and welcoming manner. Our heart is not to fill our guests with so much information their minds explode. Instead, we want them to know they are welcome, and we want to know a bit of their story. As our gifted Coordinator Elliott says, “It isn’t the information we give them, or the gift or pamphlets on the church, but how our guests feel when they leave.” If they feel loved, heard, and welcomed, they will be back. Along with training that Elliott and the team provide, you will be encouraged to attend our Vineyard 101 class (Welcome to the Vineyard Family) so you have a better grasp of Vineyard Boise, who we are as a fellowship, and the myriad of ministry opportunities available through the life of the church.