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Grow in Your Faith and Your Marriage…

Don’t just count your blessings; totally enjoy them by getting United!

God intended for married couples to enjoy very special blessings. Through United, you and your spouse learn how to make your marriage all that God wants it to be.

This insightful course takes you and your spouse through a series of Life Lessons in Scripture to explore the spiritual and emotional elements of a lasting, loving relationship. By reflecting on the value of a United marriage, you and your spouse will gain a deeper appreciation of one another and your marriage. You’ll better understand what living your lives “as one” means and how it changes and strengthens you personally, as a couple, and as a family. By allowing God to be present in your everyday life, you and your spouse will find and develop new and different ways of relating and supporting each other in your life’s journey together.

In United, you’ll learn how to…

How United can bring about Real Change in your Marriage…
Designed for a group of up to 12 couples, United integrates 4 powerful learning techniques to transform good marriages into great marriages. Through a unique blend of study, application, interaction and accountability, United guides couples through a series of eight learning modules, each building on the lessons learned in the previous unit.

Guided Resources
United lesson plans, workbooks and CD’s – Utilizing these resources, couples examine their behaviors and patterns of interaction while learning new concepts about relationships and marriage.

Guided Activities
Each week, couples complete a series of assignments that reinforces that week’s lesson and introduces new concepts for the week ahead.

Guided Questions
Weekly, the couples meet to discuss their experiences and further develop the life skills they are working on. The group helps reinforce new behaviors and supports the emotional growth of all couples.

Guided Group Dynamics
By sharing and interacting with others who are learning and challenging themselves too, a unique support and accountability system occurs. The varying personalities and life experiences of the group, creates stimulating discussions and an encouraging environment for change.

By the end of the course, you and your spouse have come together to create a new, more fulfilling way of living, loving and understanding each other. You’ll know the blessings being United brings!

United is offered each Spring (April 7, 2013)
The cost of the class is $100

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