Vineyard Boise: What We Believe


Vineyard Boise is a body of believers that pursues authentic Christian life and endeavors to develop mature, reproducible, Spirit-filled, Christian disciples that will receive ministry from the Lord (through His saving grace, forgiveness, healing and unconditional love and through the revelation of His Bible and by the Holy Spirit); minister to the Lord (be uninhibited in worship, devoted in prayer, generous in giving and in service); and minister with the Lord – proclaiming His words and doing His works.

Vineyard Boise Statement of Faith (PDF)

Vineyard Boise is a member of the Association of Vineyard Churchesa network of over 1,500 churches worldwide. Click here to learn more about the Vineyard movement.

About Our Statement of Faith

This document is the result of approximately ten years of work. The need for a statement of faith arose shortly after the beginning of the Vineyard movement in 1983. On one hand, we felt obliged to set forth our biblical and historically orthodox beliefs; on the other hand, we wanted to describe the values and priorities that make the Vineyard unique within the context of Evangelicalism.

While many people have worked on this project, special thanks go to John Wimber out of whose calling and vision the Vineyard movement has emerged and matured. Also, to John McClure, senior pastor of Vineyard Christian Fellowship Newport Beach, California, who has shepherded the process along over this decade, and to Dr. Don Williams, senior pastor of Coast Vineyard in La Jolla, California, who rewrote our original statements into the cogent, biblical kingdom framework that follows.

As evangelicals, the Bible is our final authority for faith and practice. Therefore, the statements that follow reflect our best attempt to understand and live out biblical precepts. Upon further reflection, greater biblical insight, or increased wisdom through experience, these statements could be revised. Until such a time, The Association of Vineyard Churches Board of Directors formally adopts this document as our official statement of faith as of the board meeting in November 1994.

We now commend this for use by all our pastors in all our churches with the prayer that God will bless our sincere desire and humble attempt to be ambassadors of the rule and reign of His kingdom through our lives that His will may be done on earth as it is in heaven.

—Todd Hunter, National Coordinator, Association of Vineyard Churches, Anaheim, California, December 1994