Vision & Values

Vineyard Boise Vision from Vineyard Boise on Vimeo.

Our Purpose

The purpose of Vineyard Boise is to be a body of believers that pursues authentic Christian life and endeavors to develop mature, reproducible, Spirit-filled, Christian disciples that will: Receive ministry from the Lord – His saving grace, forgiveness, healing and unconditional love – through the revelation of His Bible and by the Holy Spirit. Minister to the Lord – be uninhibited in worship, devoted in prayer, generous in giving and in service. Minister with the Lord – proclaiming His words and doing His works.

Our Values

At Vineyard Boise, these are the values we hold dear and will invest our lives in as a people:

  • Worshiping God in the freedom of the Spirit
  • Clear, accurate, biblical teaching which produces sound doctrine
  • Prayer and Intercession
  • Ministry
    • Ministering with the gifts of the Spirit in operation
    • Benevolence and ministry to the poor, widows, orphans, and hurting
    • Ministering the love of Jesus to the sick and hurting by praying for healing and looking for God to provide signs and wonders
  • Reproduction
    • Equipping the saints for the work of the ministry and the raising up of mature Christian disciples and leaders
    • Evangelistic outreach – reaching the unsaved and unchurched in our community with the Gospel
    • Commitment to missions – church planting at home, world missions abroad
  • Community
    • Building relationships together within the local church body
    • Unity within the whole Body of Christ – relationship with other local churches

Our Dream

Our dream is to develop our 22 acres of land into an attractive, functional campus that will facilitate our purpose with: A worship center that will seat between 1500-2000 people.

  • A children/youth facility including a gym and contemporary classrooms.
  • A youth assembly hall for at least 300 youth.
  • Athletic fields and outdoor amphitheater that will enable and encourage community life, recreation, and outside evangelism.
  • A fine arts center¬†that will draw Christian artists and disciple new ones for the purpose of bridging the gap between the church and the world today.
  • A global resource center that will serve as a regional Bible school, providing resource and training for the Northwest and the world.
  • Student housing for students who will come from other states or countries for a season of training.
  • A benevolence center to meet the spiritual, physical, and medical needs of the poor and hurting.

Administrative offices that will serve as the headquarters for the active life of the church. It will facilitate permanent staff, part-time staff, and an army of lay workers who will utilize computers, office equipment, and conference rooms for the ongoing work of the church.