When We Meet

We meet in small groups throughout the week in different locations. We also meet as one big group every 1st Thursday of the month for a FREE giant meal together called "THE FEAST".

1st Thursday of the month- The Feast

A free meal for everyone to enjoy and hang out served in the Chapel at Vineyard Boise

Once a month we'll also have at least one social event outside of our normal gatherings to get together and connect with each other. 

Weekly Small Groups

Monday Nights, 7PM - Brian & Crystal Bentler

Phone # 425-466-1937 (Brian), 208-316-0507 (Crystal) | Email - brianbentler1@gmail.com (Brian), love.crystal316@gmail.com (Crystal) 

Tuesday Nights, 7pm - Mitchell & Lindsay Maldonado

Phone # 360-270-7518 (Mitchell) | Email - mitchell.maldonado@vineyardboise.org (Mitchell), Lindsay.maldonado@vineyardboise.org (Lindsay).

Thursday Nights, 7PM @ Vineyard Boise Led by Jeremiah & Kara Carlson

Phone # 360-690-5760 | Email - Jeremiah.Carlson@vineyardboise.org

Childcare is provided