Women’s Retreat 2015 Scholarship Application

We recognize that there are seasons in life that make the expense of retreat seem out of reach, but it is our hope that every woman who desires to attend retreat can do so! And our hope is that those who receive scholarships experience a turnaround in their personal circumstances enabling them to generously contribute to the scholarship fund in years to come!

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Scholarship Rate: $62.50

Apply for Scholarship

Scholarships for ½ the cost of retreat are given based on the funds available and a number of other factors.

Our scholarship fund comes from the proceeds of our basket raffle at retreat and personal contributions. You are encouraged to apply for assistance early in the registration period since the funds are limited. Also, priority is given to first time scholarship applicants.   Requests for scholarships will be processed within a week of applying and you will be notified via email.

If you are interested in a scholarship, please fill out and submit the following confidential form. You can also email Amber Gunstream at amber.gunstream@vineyardboise.org for a paper copy.

Scholarship Application Form